Theme Days - Spanish, Around My School

Theme Days - Around My School teaching resource


La Jolie Rsmall%20gold%20award.jpgonde's series of French & Spanish ‘Theme Days’ enable the entire school to join in a fun and worthwhile language learning activity.

There are "no specialist language skills" required plus the work is already planned & prepared by age group, giving all teachers across the school support to provide a complete day’s work.

Each theme starts with an assembly which brings all pupils together to introduce the topic, the children then return at the end of the day to share their successes and showcase their developing language skills.

Product Contains:

• Resource CD of images, vocabulary, flashcards, games & curriculum linked activities

• CD of songs & poems by native speakers

• Photocopiable teachers notes

Around my School

• Video clips of Spanish children showing us their school

• Typical Spanish playground games

• School Treasure Hunt

• Fun non-uniform day activity to reinforce items of clothing & colours

Bundle includes...
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