Tales from Couty / Les Contes de Couty by Sally Mayhew

Tales from Couty / Les Contes de Couty by Sally Mayhew - French Story Books

Tales from Couty/Les Contes de Couty

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There are 6 dual language stories from a little farm in France sold as a boxset. Each story introduces a different vocabulary area, and new useful phrases.

Each story is A5, 20 pages long and printed in full colour. At the end of the story is a 'Useful Words' page, followed by an 'Over to You' page with a few quiz questions to see what you've learnt.

1. Welcome to Couty / Bienvenue à Couty

In this story, with Humphrey the goat as your guide, you will:

* meet the animals

* count up to ten

* learn how to introduce yourself:

2. The Rainbow / L'Arc-en-Ciel

When you join Lily and her friends in their hunt for colours on the farm, you will:

* discover lots of different colours

* talk about the weather

3. I'm Hungry / J'ai Faim

While Pomme the dog looks for something to eat, you will learn:

* food vocabulary

* mealtimes

* likes and dislikes.

4. Where are the Eggs? / Où sont les Oeufs?

Come and help the chickens find out who is stealing their eggs. In this story you'll discover:

* days of the week

* an introduction to different tenses

5. Hide and Seek / Cache-Cache

Join Briquette the kitten in a game of hide and seek with her family, and you will learn:

* the language of play

* members of the family

* prepositions of place

6. The Busy Day / La Journée Chargée

Join Pierre the duck and his friends to find out what the animals on the farm like to do during the day. You will learn:

* verbs of activity

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